4th Annual Rock The Mansion Oct. 19

June 1, 2017


Newport Mental Health hopes to raise funds for its newly created Weekday Walk-In program through sponsorships and guests involved in the Rock-the-Mansion charity event at OceanCliff in Newport, RI on Oct. 19, from 6-10 p.m. this year.

“Rock-the-Mansion is our biggest fundraising event of the year,” said CEO and President Jamie Lehane. “We hope to make it our best one yet.” Lehane added that the funds raised will help support and provide services for Weekday Walk-In along with 24/7 emergency services and those with co-occurring addiction and mental health needs.

Lehane added, “Anyone can just walk in here, without an appointment, and get the help they need to recover and people can and do recover. Our services, like Weekday Walk-In, make it easy for them to start that process.”

This is the fourth annual Rock-the-Mansion event held at OceanCliff from 6-10 p.m. For tickets, sponsorship and other details, visit the links below.