56th Annual Meeting

February 19, 2021


It is my pleasure to invite the public to Newport Mental Health's 56th Annual Meeting, which was held live on Feb 22, 2021. My thanks to State Representative Marvin Abney, who appeared as our guest speaker, for his tireless work in Providence on behalf of Newport County residents.

From securing donated socks for Newport's homeless population to scheduling appointments during the pandemic, it's the people who work here every day that have made Newport Mental Health the mecca for anyone who needs help with mental health challenges. When the pandemic hit last March, case managers, therapists, nurses doctors and support staff were ready, rendering help wherever there was need.

Therefore, our 2021 Annual Meeting has been dedicated to them, the Newport Mental Health staff who worked and continue to work so hard restoring and maintaining the health of Newport County.

Jamie Lehane, MPH
Newport Mental Health
President & CEO

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