Board of Directors

The Newport County Community Mental Health Center, Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors who identify the mission, maintain fiduciary responsibility, and set policy for the organization.


Board of Directors

Joyce A. Kirby, Esq. (Chair),  Barbara Winkler (Vice Chair), Joseph Arver (Treasurer), Nicki Colosi Trilling (Secretary), James M. Lehane III, MPH (Clerk)

Barbara J. Audino, Hillary Davidson, Dr. Janice DeFrances, Brian Geer, Mark Horan, Angela McCalla, Colleen Medeiros, Osasemwinhia OgboghodoMadeline Turano, and A. Lavaz Watson.

  Honorary Members

Hon. J. Clement Cicilline

Board Member Emeritus

Hon. Stephen P. Erickson