Mental Health First Aid

Welcome  to Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) for Parents & Adults Assisting Youth (12-18)

Similar to First Aid and CPR courses and especially during Covid-19,  MHFA will help you recognize behavioral health signs & symptoms in children EARLY before they become more problematic. The course is designed to help you handle emerging & crisis situations through a series of interactive scenarios, exercises and videos led by an experienced MHFA-certified trainer.

You must register by Wed. Aug. 5 for the Tues & Wed. from 5-7 PM virtual classes. 

What you will learn:

  • Skills, strategies and PRACTICE dealing with mental health & substance use disorders. You will NOT learn how to become a therapist. Instead you will learn about WHEN to intervene.
  • How to effectively communicate and enable children to open up to you.
  • Common myths and facts about mental health pertaining to our local area and the U.S.
  • Difference between typical & atypical teenage behavior.
  • Trauma-related disorders, eating disorders, aggressive behaviors, anxiety, depression, bipolar, suicidal and non-suicidal behaviors and more.

*There is also a 1-2 hour self-paced virtual seminar and video to be completed optimally before the virtual instructor-led classes . 

Course fee: 23.95 includes MHFA manual, handouts and instructor-led sessions.

For more MHFA information, CLICK Here, or email instructor Sandy Oxx: