Collective Giving, Greater Good


100 Women Initiative is Growing Strong

100 Women recognizes women whose annual contributions to our work support our mission and effect positive change throughout our community.  Open to women of influence interested in increasing the impact of their community-focused philanthropy through collective giving, 100 Women provides a compelling forum for leadership donors to engage in a strategic philanthropy effort with the potential to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness and support affordable and accessible mental healthcare for all. 

100 Women members are invited to participate in four gatherings a year - and encouraged to extend this opportunity to others in their circle who have the potential and desire to join.

Are you or someone you know interested in experiencing the power of collective giving?

Are you or someone you know ready to be part of supporting efforts to overcome the mental health crisis in our community and the world?

Are you or someone you know inspired by the energy arising from women who lead by example?

We welcome you.

100 Women – Collective Giving, Greater Good.

*For more information on how you can become part of the 100 Women Initiative or to host a gathering at your business or home, please contact Jennifer Bristol at