NMH Awarded Federal Grant to Provide Care for Thousands of Needy Rhode Islanders

Authored by Sandra Oxx
December 21, 2018

Newport Mental Health was awarded a $ $4 million federal grant yesterday, which aims to target 25,000 children and adults with emerging and serious mental health conditions by providing an array of services and treatment for under-insured children and adults.

 “We are beyond thrilled. Newport Mental Health and its Horizon Healthcare Partners are one of a select number of community mental health centers nationally to become deemed a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic.

 This award allows us to build upon mental health teams and services we already have in place to give clients the attention they deserve,” said Jamie Lehane, CEO and President of Newport Mental Health. “In essence it’s parity for mental health, enabling us to treat close to 25,000  Rhode Islanders whose commercial insurance does not cover the latest research based care we now know better promotes recovery, prevents disability from mental illness, and helps people remain in school, college and work while receiving treatment.     The services that will be made available to an expanded number of children, families and adults include Supportive Employment, Positive Parenting, Multi-Dimensional Family Therapy, and an expansion of Healthy Transitions which serves 16 – 25 year olds who experience their first episode of mental illness.

 Lehane added that Thrive Behavioral Health RI in the southwestern portion of the state and the Community Care Alliance in the northern portion of the state are the two partner community mental health agencies named in the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration grant that will be delivering expanded services under the lead agency, Newport Mental Health.

 “It allows us to train staff in these affiliated agencies throughout the state in treatment methods and programs based on the most current, reliably sound, scientific data,” Lehane added, explaining that the programs are person-centered, enabling the client to collaborate with his or her professional team regarding cultural, social, medical, economic, and psychological factors that influence recovery. Mindful of the factors, the client and team develop a recovery plan with goals and target dates.

 In the first phase of the grant Newport Mental Health will implement a fully operational Certified Community Mental Health Clinic, which will provide a complete scope of behavioral services for the uninsured and underinsured populations. Rollouts of expanded evidence-based services and training will be provided to contract partner agencies, resulting in improvement and quality of care for thousands of Rhode Island children and adults.



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