LGBTQ Safe Zone



Newport Mental Health has started the process of becoming a LGBTQ Safe Zone provider. That means we are working to provide a safe, affirming and inclusive environment to the LGBTQ community.  Certification through Blue Cross Blue Shield RI is threefold:

1) Staff training specific to the care of trans* and LGB people & protection for patients and staff from discrimination based on gender identity and expression

2) Gender neutral bathrooms

3) Inclusive forms and procedures during intake, recovery, and discharge

We are accompanying each of these three important steps with a public commitment to connecting with and serving the LGBTQ community.

LGBTQ Safe Zone certification is the first step in Newport Mental Health's commitment to the LGBTQ community. Training, bathrooms, and forms aren't enough.

This process will be incomplete until we are able to provide care from a place of shared understanding and experience. Members of the LGBTQ community are strongly encouraged to apply for all open positions at Newport Mental Health through our careers page.


Timeline and Progress

LGBTQ Safe Zone certification at Newport Mental Health's 127 Johnny Cake Hill Rd and 65 Valley Rd clinics will cost approximately $40,000.

We're grateful for support from the Newport County Fund which has provided a $5,000 grant to kick things off. Now, we're trying to build more momentum.


Donations Requested

Community support through donations is needed. It doesn't matter how much you give. Your donation will allow us to make the case to local foundations that LGBTQ Safe Zone's are supported by the community. It starts with you today! Any amount will make a difference.