Newport Mental Health


Q: What happens when I call the crisis line? 

A: Your call is answered by a clinician. After you tell them what’s happening, depending on the event, they will determine the best way to help the person in crisis – whether that’s you or someone else.  Here are some response options you may experience:

  • You may continue to speak with the clinician.
  • A mobile crisis clinician may be dispatched to meet you at your location.
  • Our Rhode Island Outreach (RIO) team (a behavioral specialist and medical specialist) may be dispatched to your location. 

Q: If I see someone who is in crisis, can I call you to help them?

Yes. Call 988 or our helpline (401) 846-1213 option 1, any time of day or night.

Q: Why do you have walk-in appointments? 

A: Walk-in appointments allow you to come in on the day you are ready – no need to call or wait for an appointment. A member of our intake team will meet with you to determine your immediate needs and arrange follow-up care. 

Q: Will all of my appointments be during walk-in hours? 

A: No. Once you are a client of Newport Mental Health, future visits will be scheduled through your case manager or the front desk.    

Q: How do I pay for my visit?   

A: Newport Mental Health accepts all state and commercial insurance plans along with Medicaid. All major credit cards are accepted.

No one is denied access to services due to inability to pay. In accordance with Newport Mental Health’s policy, a sliding fee scale system is in place to adjust costs based on your income and family size. If you need assistance, please contact our billing department or inquire at the front desk. 

Q: What if I’m not sure Newport Mental Health is the right place for me?  

A: Newport Mental Health is part of the “No Wrong Door” system of care. If you walk through our door and we do not provide the support you need, we will connect you to the agency or program that does. We always provide a “warm hand-off,” which means you leave with an appointment or a plan – we never send you away without a next step.

Q: Do you offer psychiatry? 

A:   Yes. We have psychiatrists on staff to prescribe and manage medications. 

Q: Do you offer telehealth? 

A: Yes. We can connect with you at your home, or, if you do not have access to a computer, you can use a private computer room in our offices to connect with a provider.