Newport Mental Health

Our Impact

Meeting People Where They Are

Newport Mental Health was the first Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) in Rhode Island. As a CCBHC, Newport Mental Health is transforming behavioral health and healthcare for the 85,000 residents of Newport County and is leading the way for improved access to care across the State of Rhode Island.  

Core components of the CCBHC model are providing immediate walk-in access to care, active community outreach, and 24/7 mobile crisis response. Through these services, Newport Mental Health ensures that professional therapists, prescribers, and peer recovery specialists are available in the moment of need to de-escalate a crisis and connect individuals to services. 

Who We're Helping

newport county percentages
Engagements in Newport County in 2023
Rhode Island Outreach Community Interactions
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Snapshot of Our 2,250 Clients

Hispanic/Latino 9.2%
Black/African American 9.8%
High School Diploma/GED 33.9%
College/Advanced Degree 23.9%
Veteran/Active Duty 2.9%

Medicare Recipient 22.7%
Commercial Insurance 17.0%
Female 50%
Male 47%

What We're Treating

#1 Diagnosis in Children

PTSD, anxiety, or other stress disorder is the leading diagnosis in clients ages 2-17. 

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Each year, Newport Mental Health provides more than $1 million in no-cost care to individuals and families living, studying, and working throughout Newport County. More information can be found in our Annual Report. You can learn more about the CCBHC model of care here and read about our CCBHC journey here.