Newport Mental Health

Adult Programs (ages 18+)

Whole Person Care

Our clinicians assist with a wide range of behavioral health needs including anxiety, depression, other mood disorders, obsessions, compulsions, thought disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, and alcohol and drug use.

We use a client-centered, evidence-based, recovery-oriented approach to care. This means that:


Outpatient Therapy

Newport Mental Health provides outpatient mental health and substance use therapies utilizing solution-focused, evidenced-based practices.

Integrated Health Home Program (IHH)

For adults with co-occurring mental health, substance use and/or physical health conditions, IHH provides additional support. This team-based approach coordinates medical and behavioral health care and builds peer/family and social supports.

The IHH team includes a team leader, nurse care manager/RN, community supportive psychiatric treatment professional (CPST), case manager, and peer support specialist.

Assertive Community Treatment Program (ACT)

For those with serious mental illness who require assistance with daily living, ACT is an intensive, evidence-based mental health program. We help each client gain the skills and confidence needed to move toward a greater degree of independence, secure employment, and stable housing.

The ACT team includes a psychiatrist, licensed clinician, RN, supportive employment specialist, peer specialist, case manager, substance abuse specialist, and therapist.

Integrated Health Care Program – Complex Care Team (IHC)

IHC provides healthcare coordination for adults with serious mental illness who are 55 years of age and older. IHC clients have serious and persistent mental illness (SPMI) and/or a co-occurring disorder (COD) diagnosis.

The IHC team includes a team leader, nurse care manager/RN, community supportive psychiatric treatment professional (CPST), case manager, and peer support specialist.

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Who is this for?

Adults 18+

Quick Facts

Additional Support and Services

Clients in our programs receive additional support, care, and services as needed.

Adult Primary Care Services

Newport Mental Health coordinates with CODAC and EBCAP to provide primary care services to our clients with serious mental illness and/or serious substance use disorders. 

Zero Suicide

Our healthcare providers are specially trained in administering an evidence-based screening tool, the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale, at each contact with those we serve. Newport Mental Health providers initiate a Pathway to Safety for those individuals identified as at-risk, who are then given specialized suicide prevention treatment services and are closely monitored until their risk subsides. Ongoing follow-up is provided to reduce the reoccurrence of suicide risk.


Appointments with a clinician or prescriber can be arranged via telehealth. Private telehealth consultation rooms are available in our offices for those clients who do not have internet access or a computer.

Supportive Employment

Work and other meaningful activities are an integral part of recovery. Employment specialists use an evidence-based employment model called Individual Placement Services and Supports (IPS) to help clients find employment and then provide support both for the client and the employer.

Supportive Housing

Residential support staff assist our clients who live independently. Skills training is provided for budgeting and money management, household chores, shopping, cooking, and other areas needed to be successful in independent living.

Shelter Plus Care/Supportive Housing Program

This federally supported program allows Newport Mental Health to provide rental assistance for the unhoused with serious mental illness.

Housing Stabilization Services

A Medicaid-funded housing support service allows us to provide at-risk clients housing stabilization to prevent the loss of existing housing or to provide help finding affordable housing in the community. We coordinate with housing support staff at the Newport Housing Authority, McKinney Shelter/50 Washington Square Apartments, and senior housing developments in Newport County.

Representative Payee Service

Rep-Payee is offered to those clients who experience problems in managing their money. Newport Mental Health staff work closely with clients receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) in establishing and maintaining a budget.

Supervised Medication

The supervised medication program is a comprehensive approach to ensuring that clients follow their medication regimens safely and effectively. By providing structured support, education, and monitoring, the program helps clients achieve better mental health outcomes and improve their overall quality of life.

Case Management

Case managers offer collaborative support by coordinating care, helping clients access additional resources, and providing tailored assistance to meet individual needs.