“Newport Mental Health showed me a better way—a calmer-higher place than before. With their program of one-on-one therapy, I began the work in front of me. I discovered that therapy wasn’t just talk. I learned breathing techniques and balance exercises, and I felt I was always supported by my therapist.”  -Sandi P.


Newport Mental Health During COIVD-19

How Our Work Has Changed

Newport Mental Health quickly implemented telehealth solutions in response to COVID-19. In addition to treating patients in person, telephonic and video services are now one tool that our clinicians use to communicate with the 1,111 local patients (Aug 18, 2020) that are in our care. Our doors remain open to the 82,000 residents of Newport County, and we accept all regardless of background of circumstance.

By The Numbers

60% of Newport Mental Health's caseload is affected by one or more of the following COVID-19 risk factors:
- 19% are over the age of 60
- 20% do not have a Primary Care Physician
- 3% have hepatitis
- 21% have hypertension
- 15% have hypercholesterolemia
- 6% have COPD
- 19% have Asthma
- 37% are smokers
- 10% have diabetes

Almost 80% of Newport Mental Health's clients are very low income, defined as under 130% of the Federal Poverty Limit.


You Can Make A Difference 

Thank you for considering a secure donation to Newport Mental Health.

A donation is a convenient, tax-deductible way to support Newport Mental Health's mission. Gifts can be made at any time of year to support our work generally, or to any of our programs and services that speak directly to you.


Supporting Housing Needs of Those With Mental Illness  

Newport Mental Health works closely with Newport Housing Hotline which is run by Barbara and Jimmy Winters. Donations can be made to Newport Housing Hotline through Newport Mental Health to support their work providing housing for Newport's unhoused residents.


A Note From the CEO

You play a significant role in our success. Insurance providers only cover a portion of the cost of services that we provide. Your financial support helps us to be whole, and it does more than just that. To use a cooking analogy, if insurers baked the cake, it is you, the donor, who puts the icing on the cake. And truth be told, that is the fun part.

We've been stretched incredibly thin over the last few months. It has been donor dollars that have made the difference. The community has stepped up to the plate. By just being here on our website, you have taken a special interest in what we do. Thank you first for caring, and thank you secondly for considering whether to trust us with your support. We hope to earn your trust.

James M. Lehane III, MPH
President & CEO


If you prefer to give through the mail, please send contributions to:

Attn: Development Department
Newport  Mental Health
127 Johnny Cake Hill Rd
Middletown, RI 02842

Matching Corporate Gifts:
Matching gifts from your employer give your gift an even greater reach, allowing you to double or in some cases triple your contribution!

How to Make a Matching Gift:
Check with your company’s human resources department to find out about its matching gift policy. Obtain and fill out the appropriate form from your company’s human resources department and send it to us with your contribution. We will complete our portion of the form and return it to your company.

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