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Outreach Programs

Mobile outreach and support are important components of our work as a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC). Mobile response is critical in a crisis, but outreach teams are also visible in the community, providing support and preventative services.

Rhode Island Outreach (RIO)

Rhode Island Outreach (RIO) teams are designed to quickly respond to behavioral health crises. The aim is to assess and de-escalate a crisis and develop a safety plan to connect the individual to services, avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations or law enforcement involvement.

Each RIO team consists of a trained behavioral specialist and a medical specialist, who come to you in a specially equipped van. The teams also work proactively in the community, visiting shelters and public spaces with the goal meeting people where they are and working to prevent future crises by connecting people to services when needed. 

Who is RIO for?

Those in crisis with mental health or substance use concerns or in need of supportive outreach

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Street Outreach

Street Outreach is a mobile Housing First Program. Team members are out in the community, engaging individuals in housing search, placement, and stabilization. The goal of this service is to complete a successful housing plan, individually tailored to the client’s needs and goals. Working closely with community partners, the housing plan strives for permanent housing situations and encompasses increased access to community supports and mainstream benefits, vocational support for obtaining employment, and access to Newport Mental Health’s behavioral health services when clinically indicated. The team includes the client’s family supports when possible, to help sustain housing, income, and recovery goals.   

Who is Street Outreach for?

Unhoused or unstably housed individuals in Newport County

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